Advance® Revision Knee System

The bone-conserving Advance® medial-pivot stemmed femur, features a ball-in-socket articulation that replaces the cruciates, provides stability, and replicates natural knee kinematics. Although providing stability differently, both components feature the same surgical options that have shown to address even the most complex revision situations.

The Advance® revision femoral component was designed in conjunction with the Hospital for Special Surgery. Its patented spine and cam mechanism boasts unparalleled clinical success. It accepts either a traditional posterior stabilized insert or a constrained insert to provide rigid internal/external and varus/valgus constraint to address ligamentous instability.

The Advance® stemmed medial-pivot replicates normal knee kinematics and provides greater stability than standard posterior stabilized knees, while requiring 60 - 80% less bone removal than traditional revision femoral components.