Prescribing Information

MicroPort Orthopedics' Instructions for Use (IFU) package inserts are available here in an electronic format. A web browser with a PDF viewer is required to access all translation of the IFU provided on this page. To access the IFU for the device used, please take the following steps:

  1. Using the leaflet or printed package insert included with the product, determine the IFU number. This number is located on the front of the package insert (see example image). US only and CANADA only product may not include a printed insert. Please reference the table below.  
    Product/System with no printed package insert IFU Number
    DYNASTY® Dual Mobility System Implants (US and Canada) 157596
    EVOLUTION® NitrX Knee System Implants (US and Canada) 157251
    EVOLUTION® NitrX Knee System Implants (Europe) 158211
    Prime / Procotyl® Prime Hip System Implants 150803
    PROFEMUR® Classic TL2 Hip System Implants 157296
    PROFEMUR® Classic Gladiator HA Collared Hip System Implants 157598
    PROFEMUR® Classic Gladiator Cemented Hip System Implants 158212
  2. Based on the type of device being used, select the appropriate link below. For example: electronic IFUS for hip implants are located under "Hip Systems"
  3. Select the package insert option appropriate for your location. For example, users in Brazil should select "Package Inserts - Brazil Only". If your location is not specified, select "Package Inserts"
  4. Systems and associated IFU numbers are displayed together. Select the appropriate system by matching the printed IFU number to the IFU number(s) of each option.
  5. Select the desired translation

Printed translations of IFU package inserts can be requested by calling MicroPort Orthopedics Customer Service at +1 (901) 290-5290. For an urgent request, call +1 (901) 359-8134. Printed translations are provided free of charge to the requestor within seven (7) days of the request.

CAUTION: The most recent revision of each package insert contains the most up-to-date information and is the only revision that is appropriate for device use. Previous revisions of package inserts include obsolete information and should only be used as reference. To view previous revisions of package inserts, please click here.

Bone Cement - Not available in E.U.
Hip Systems
Package Inserts
Ceramic on Ceramic Hip System - US Only (IFU# 150801)
150801 - Ceramic on Ceramic Hip System
DYNASTY® Dual Mobility System (IFU# 157596)
MicroPort Hip Systems (IFU# 150803)
PROFEMUR® GLADIATOR® Cemented Classic Stem (IFU# 158212-0)
PROFEMUR® GLADIATOR® Thin HA Classic Stems w/ Collar (IFU# 157598)
PROFEMUR® TL2 Stems (IFU# 157296-0)
PROFEMUR® Xm Classic Femoral Stems (IFU# 158883)
Package Inserts - Brazil Only
DYNASTY® PC Acetabular System – Brazil Only (IFU# 155958 – MicroPort Brazil)
GLADIATOR BIPOLAR® Acetabular System – Brazil Only (IFU# 156177 – MicroPort Brazil)
LINEAGE® Acetabular System – Brazil Only (IFU# 156176 – MicroPort Brazil)
PROCOTYL® L Acetabular System – Brazil Only (IFU# 155751 – MicroPort Brazil)
PROCOTYL® L Acetabular System With Polyethylene Liner – Brazil Only (IFU# 156196 – MicroPort Brazil)
PROFEMUR® CoCr Modular Necks - Brazil Only (IFU# 152394)
PROFEMUR® Gladiator Modular Hip Stem – Brazil Only (IFU# 157491 – MicroPort Brazil)
PROFEMUR® Preserve Classic Hip Stem – Brazil Only (IFU# 156562 – MicroPort Brazil)
PROFEMUR® TL Classic - Brazil Only (IFU# 152309)
PROFEMUR® TL Classic - Brazil Only (IFU# 154993) - MicroPort Brazil
PROFEMUR® Z - Brazil Only (IFU# 149856)
PROFEMUR® Z Classic – Brazil Only (IFU# 154992 – MicroPort Brazil)
Package Inserts - Canada Only
PROFEMUR® TL2 - Canada Only (IFU# 158123)
Package Inserts - E.U. Only
PROCOTYL® P Acetabular System - EU MDR Compliant (IFU# 159455)
PROFEMUR® Gladiator Classic stems - EU MDR Compliant (IFU# 159318)
PROFEMUR® Z Revision and Z Classic stems - EU MDR Compliant (IFU# 159248)
Package Inserts - U.K. Only
PROCOTYL® L and RIM-LOCK Liners - U.K. Only (IFU #159746-0)
PROFEMUR® TL2 Stems - U.K. Only (IFU #159789-0)
Knee Systems
Package Inserts
EVOLUTION® NitrX™ Knee System (IFU# 157251)
MicroPort Knee Systems (IFU# 150806)
150806 - MicroPort Knee Systems
PROPHECY® Custom-Made Instruments (IFU# 150807)
150807 - PROPHECY® Custom-Made Instruments
PROPHECY® Pre-Operative Navigation Guides (IFU# 150804)
150804 - PROPHECY® Pre-Operative Navigation Guides
Package Inserts - Brazil Only
ADVANCE Stature® Non-Porous Femoral Components (IFU# 152387)
ADVANCE Stature® Non-Porous Femoral Components (IFU# 155383)
ADVANCE® Total System PS – Brazil Only (IFU# 155993 – MicroPort Brazil)
EVOLUTION® SYSTEM CS/CR – Brazil Only (IFU# 155858 – MicroPort Brazil)
Package Inserts - E.U. Only
EVOLUTION® Biofoam Tibial Base Screwless - EU MDR Compliant (IFU #158957-0)
EVOLUTION® NitrX™ Knee System - EU (IFU# 158211)
EVOLUTION® Revision Knee System - EU MDR Compliant (IFU# 159246-0)
Package Inserts - U.K. Only
Limb Salvage Systems
Package Inserts
Custom and Specialty Implants (IFU# 151809)
151809 - Custom and Specialty Implants
GUARDIAN® Limb Salvage System (IFU# 150803 and 150806)
150803 - MicroPort Hip Systems
150806 - MicroPort Knee Systems
REPIPHYSIS® Limb Salvage System (IFU# 150800)
150800 - REPIPHYSIS® Limb Salvage System
MicroPort Instruments
Instrument Cleaning and Handling Instructions
EVOLUTION® CCK Femoral Impactor/Extractor (IFU# 155992)
Insert Identifying Electronic Instrument IFUs (IFU# 159653)
MicroPort Instruments - EU MDR Compliant (IFU# 150802)
MicroPort Instruments Use with Containment Device (IFU# 159228)
MicroPort Procotyl® P Instruments - Not in US or Canada (IFU #157592)
Sterilization of Quick Connect Ratchet Handles (IFU# 150805)
Package Inserts - Brazil Only
Advance® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154989)
154989 - Advance® Instruments Kit
Conserve® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154948)
154948 - Conserve® Instruments Kit
DYNASTY® Instruments (IFU# 154411)
154411 - DYNASTY® Instruments
Evolution® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154439)
154439 - Evolution® Instruments Kit
Gladiator Bipolar® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154553)
154553 - Gladiator Bipolar® Instruments Kit
Lineage® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154552)
154552 -Lineage® Instruments Kit
MicroPort Instruments - Sterile Pins (IFU# 156782)
156782 - MicroPort Instruments - Sterile Pins
MicroPort Instruments - Sterile Saws Blade (IFU# 156783)
156783 - MicroPort Instruments - Sterile Saws Blade
PERFECTA® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154947)
154947 - PERFECTA® Instruments Kit
PROCOTYL® L Instruments (IFU#156211)
156211 - Procotyl L Instruments
PROFEMUR® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154940)
154940 -PROFEMUR® Instruments Kit
SuperPath® Instruments Kit (IFU# 154412)
154412 - SuperPath® Instruments Kit
SuperPath® Instruments Kit (IFU#155121)
SuperPath® Sterile Cannula (IFU# 154418)
154418 - SuperPath® Sterile Cannula
SuperPath® Sterile Cannula (IFU# 155120)
SuperPath® Sterile Drills (IFU# 154417)
154417 - SuperPath® Sterile Drills
SuperPath® Sterile Drills (IFU# 155119)
MicroPort Scientific Coöperatief U.A.
Instrument Cleaning and Handling Instructions
Insert Identifying Electronic Instrument IFUs (IFU# 159653)
MicroPort Procotyl® P Instruments - Not in US or Canada (IFU #157592)
Procotyl® P System Implants – Not in US or Canada (IFU# 157591)
Sterilization Trays
Package Inserts
K1 Medical (EZ-TRAX™ Containment Device)
Suzhou MicroPort OrthoRecon
Package Inserts
SoSuperior Knee Reconstruction Instrumentation (UI-100044)
SoSuperior Knee System (UI-100045)