The Evolution® Medial-Pivot knee is uniquely engineered to reproduce a healthy knee’s stability and motion. The medial-pivot knee features a highly conforming medial side that results from a constant radius design, reproducing the natural function and stability of the ACL and PCL. This design is unique from every other less conforming traditional knee system. With a stable, pivoting medial side and a lateral side that rolls forward or backward throughout flexion, the Evolution® Knee System is designed to feel and function like a natural knee.

The medial-pivot knee system enhances quadriceps efficiency and reduces the quadriceps avoidance found in traditional knee replacements. By enhancing quadriceps efficiency, the patient can have increased proprioception and a more normal feeling knee.1

Patients can tell a difference according to a peer-reviewed study that examined patient satisfaction among patients who underwent bilateral staged total knee replacement with different prostheses. A Medial-Pivot design was preferred equally to an ACL-PCL retaining prosthesis and preferred more than all other designs (CR, PS, and Mobile-Bearing).2

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Primary medial-pivot knee systems

The Evolution® medial-pivot knee system delivers superior flexion stability, anatomic motion, and wear–limiting design characteristics.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology solutions designed for precise and efficient control of implant positioning and optimized workflow.

25 years of stability

Celebrating 25 years of innovation, MicroPort Orthopedics employees as well as surgeons who utilize the medial-pivot knee system share their experience with the innovative knee replacement design over the last 25 years.


Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

Not all products and options are available in all countries.

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