To build a company that legitimately elevates the standards of its industry, one critical success factor is strong, intelligent, and insightful leadership. These are the hallmarks of the management team of MicroPort Orthopedics. Each individual is a leader in their own area of expertise, which makes them a formidable team when joined together as managers of this company.

With an unwavering conviction, they are the driving force behind the four core values at MicroPort: Relationships, Quality, Innovation and Responsiveness. With a boundless dedication to excellence with integrity, the MicroPort Orthopedics management team continues to pioneer new frontiers for this company, continuously advance product quality, and build upon a proud legacy of uncompromised excellence.

Benny Hagag

Benny Hagag



Todd Smith

Vice President, Finance

Rob Cripe

Rob Cripe

Chief Commercial Operations Officer


Paul Bryant

​Chief Technology Officer

Scott Shankle

​Scott Shankle

​Vice President, Operations

Irene Chiu

Irene Chiu

Senior Vice President, General Counsel


​Irina Timmerman

Vice President, Clinical Affairs


Jean-Marc D’Hondt

Vice President, Commercial Operations International


Antony Bennett

Vice President, Operations International

Xie Jing

Jing Xie

First Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs

Jack Heeter

Jack Heeter

Senior Vice President, Human Resources