Prophecy® guides replace much of the standard instrumentation typically involved in establishing proper resections by conforming specifically to each patient’s native anatomy. Through natural contours and osteophytes, the guides are designed to fit exactly to the patient for optimal resection alignment, implant function, and longevity. Competitive designs require resecting through nylon cutting slots; this can create particulate debris in the joint. Prophecy® guides, however, are fully compatible with standard instrumentation and have built in housing for the metal cutting guides to provide precise, clean resections. More accurate and precise alignment in a solution that can increase surgical efficiency and reduce overall operative and turnover time.

The Prophecy Process®

The Prophecy® process

1. The patient receives a CT or MRI scan following the Prophecy® protocol.

2. Virtual preoperative alignment is performed according to surgeon preferences.

3. The surgical plan is approved by the surgeon via the Prophecy® preoperative navigation website. The surgeon may alter the plan if they wish.

4. Prophecy® patient-specific resection guides are manufactured and shipped.

5. The guides align the resection guides to predetermined angles that are oriented to provide the bone cuts and rotation necessary for producing either neutral mechanical axis alignment or an alignment of the surgeon’s choosing.

Prophecy® Personalized Knee Solutions

Prophecy® Navigation Guides

Prophecy® guides are designed to fit precisely to the patient for optimal alignment, implant function, and longevity.

Prophecy® Gap Balancing System

Prophecy® System simulates the final prosthesis position and alignment, with ligament correction, via a single tibial resection.

Personalized Solutions

Surgeon insight

“For physicians considering switching to the Medial-Pivot Knee, and the Prophecy® technology, I don't think there's a better way of doing a total knee replacement right now.”

- Dr. Thomas DiStefano, MD, Cheraw, SC


Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

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