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The unique design and successful clinical heritage of MicroPort Orthopedics’ medial-pivot knees sets the Evolution® Knee System apart from the competition. A legacy of 98.8% survivorship and 17 years and 95% patient satisfaction supports the ability of MicroPort Orthopedics’ medial-pivot designs to restore stability and normal kinematics. This helps surgeons to achieve favorable, reproducible, and long-lasting outcomes for their patients1-4

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With a 25-year history of clinical success, the Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee implant is now being backed by advanced technologies aimed at helping orthopedic surgeons achieve better surgical outcomes. These state-of-the-art solutions enable more precise and efficient control of positioning implants. By pairing these advanced technologies with the Medial-Pivot knee, MicroPort Orthopedics seeks to further improve the success rate and positive patient satisfaction.

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knee stability

Stability you can count on

Designed with a single radius in all planes, and a medial “socket” on the insert, the Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee System provides stability throughout all phases of flexion and significantly decreases Anterior/Posterior translation.5


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“I think that the Medial-Pivot Knee, because it has such a deep dish and is very congruent, is very, very stable.” 

- Dr. Brian de Beaubien MD, Saginaw, MI

Surgeon insights on stability

"The Medial-Pivot design really replicates the normal knee when compared to all other designs on the market, and this really gives us that greater stability.”

- Dr. Joost Lagast, Gent, Belgium

"The “Ball-in Socket” design of Evolution® Knee can reproduce knee motion that is compatible with “Mobility” and “Stability” even for the inexperienced surgeons, even in severe OA patients, achieving a high level of patient satisfaction.”

- Osamu Nishiike MD, Kushiro, Japan


natural function

Unique kinematic design

The unique design of the Evolution® Medial-Pivot insert substitutes for both the ACL and PCL, as well as the natural contours of the knee to promote normal kinematics and normal feeling.5

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“They return back to their function much faster. I think that this is, one, because we've gotten better at pain control, but I also think that it's gotten to the point with the medial pivot, that we're recreating the kinematics of their knee so accurately that it really is almost a resurfacing procedure, as opposed to us actually truly replacing the knee.”

- Dr. Joseph Assini MD, Englewood, CO

Surgeon insights on kinematics

"The advantage of the Medial-Pivot Knee lies in its ability to mimic the kinematics of a healthy knee. It’s as simple as this! All of the surrounding soft tissue of the knee is adapted to a specific sequence of movements. If you keep it that way, the knee works well. In addition the medial ultra-congruent compartment gives the stability throughout the range of motion. Stability and physiological kinematics are the key.”

- Dr. Matthias Schmied MD, Switzerland

“The Medial-Pivot Knee has a single radius design, and multiple planes, which I think really lends itself to staying where it's supposed to be on the medial side, and doing what it really says it's supposed to do, which is basically rotate, and pivot around that medial axis.”

- Dr. Brian de Beaubien MD, Saginaw, MI


reduced wear

Established clinical history of positive outcomes

The Evolution® Medial-Pivot knee system is built upon a legacy of 95% patient satisfaction with 98.8% survivorship at 17 years1, and features a design that enhances quadriceps efficiency, allowing for improved proprioception and more normal feeling knee.5

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“My patients that have had the Evolution Knee seem to get back to a normal degree of function more rapidly.”

- Dr. David Backstein MD, MEd, Toronto, ON

Surgeon insights on outcomes

“Medial-Pivot motion improves the knee flexion angle and decreases patella-femoral contact pressure. Range of motion improvement and patient satisfaction are the advantages of the product.”

- Dr. Tokifumi Majima MD, Tokyo, Japan

“The MicroPort Medial-Pivot Knee has 20 years of experience, and with that experience comes the subtle things that make it successful, such as the type of poly that's used, the locking mechanism that's used, the single radius of curvature.”

- Dr. Russell Nevins MD, Las Vegas, NV


Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

These surgeons are paid consultants for MicroPort Orthopedics. The opinions expressed are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MicroPort Orthopedics Inc.

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