Length of stay

“So, the top benefits of SuperPath as I see them, are decreased length of stay for patients, and increased level of confidence that the patient has about how they aren't disabled, they just had a part go bad, and we fixed it, and now they can kind of get back to their normal life.”

- Dr. Dean Olsen MD, Minneapolis, MN

Tissue preservation

"SuperPath® is the least traumatic of all surgical approaches to the hip that I have used.”

Michael Anderson MD, Milwaukee, WI

Learning curve

“For me, the reason I persevered through the learning curve is because I could quickly see the advantage SuperPATH was having for patients. They would frequently come back to the office, and would be doing things that typically were not experienced by patients until two, or three months after surgery.”

Dr. Judd Cummings MD, Scottsdale, AZ

SuperPath® hip approach vs. Anterior approach

“Some of the differences that SuperPath has in comparison to the traditional hip techniques are the incision size, the soft tissue trauma is minimized with the SuperPath Approach, and also, we obviate the need for those postoperative hip restrictions.” 

Dr. Anil Thomas MD, Atlanta, GA

SuperPath® hip approach vs. traditional hip approaches

“That's what kind of led me over towards MicroPort, is that I liked doing a minimally invasive type approach, where we're basically pulling those muscles apart with you know, small 3 to 4 inch or 5 inch incisions at the most. And you need a small implant for that.”

Dr. Joseph Assini MD, Englewood, CO

History of approach

Learn more about the origins of the SuperPath Minimally Invasive Hip Approach from the the surgeons who developed it and their peers.

Patient satisfaction

“It's really, to me, a revolutionary change in the way you do hip replacements.”

- Dr. Thomas DiStefano MD, Cheraw, SC

Patient selection

Learn more about patient selection and the SuperPath Hip Approach.

Patient recovery

“What excites me most about SuperPath is that I believe that I've found the technique that's going to give my patients the best outcome, and allow me to offer that to patients all around in terms of geography.”

Dr. Jerome Zechmann MD, Olympia, WA

Additional surgeon experiences

“SuperPath® is the best of all surgical approaches to the hip that I have used.  It is innovative and allows for easy adaptation by the surgeon and surgical team.  Patients have a faster hospital recovery with less pain. It is my current approach for total hip arthroplasty in the majority of my patients.”

Michael Anderson MD, Milwaukee, WI

“The SuperPath® hip replacement technique has become my surgical approach of choice In my experience, the tissue sparing nature of the SuperPath®surgical approach is unique among hip replacement procedures. In most circumstances there are no implant choice or postoperative patient bending restrictions. My brother (Dr. Paul Atkenson, a board certified orthopedic surgeon) and I both use this technique at our practice. Our patients may be on their feet within 3-4 hours following the operation and discharged from the hospital within 24 to 48 hours.”

- Bob Atkenson MD, Orland Park, IL

“I have never seen anything as innovative as the SuperPath® Hip Replacement method. Patients can now reclaim quality of life; return to activities of daily living with ease & comfortability. The outcomes speak highly of the procedure in comparison to the traditional method of hip replacements. Qualified patients of all ages truly deserve this option.”

- Mario Bustamante MD, San Antonio, TX 

“I believe the SuperPath® technique for total hip arthroplasty is the least invasive of all current approaches to the hip. In my experience, the technique provides exceptional visualization while minimizing the trauma to tendons and soft tissue. It is exciting to see my patients recovery so quickly compared to the traditional approaches and with no hip bending restrictions. I feel this technique has decreased the risk of post-operative complications and improved outcomes for my patients.”

Spencer Frink MD, El Paso, TX


“SuperPath® hip replacement, by virtue of its tissue sparing nature, results in minimal post operative pain, rapid rehabilitation and no postoperative bending restrictions. Unlike minimally invasive surgical approaches, SuperPath® does not restrict implant choice or compromise surgical exposure. It avoids unnatural twisting or strained positions and preserves the hip joint capsule, discouraging post operative complications such as dislocation or venous thrombosis. My brother (Dr. Robert Atkenson, a board certified orthopedic surgeon) and I both use this technique at our practice. Our patients may be on their feet within 3-4 hours following surgery and discharged from the hospital within 24 to 48 hours.”

- Peter Blessey MD, Covington, LA

“My surgical approach for hip replacement has been a natural progression from the standard posterior approach of residency training onto mini posterior approach, Path technique and now SuperPath®. This approach allows me to work with familiar anatomy and familiar operative positioning with the ability to easily extend the exposure if needed. I initially adopted SuperPath® because I felt it would dramatically reduce the risk of postoperative dislocation and minimize postoperative restrictions for my patients, but I have been equally pleased with the decreased pain and rapid recovery that is achieved.”

- Andrew Cumiskey MD, Chestertown, MD

“In a market where patient satisfaction, good long term results, and rapid recovery are important, SuperPath®, has allowed my practice to flourish. The majority of patients are walking hours after surgery and discharged to home within 48hrs. SuperPath® is arguably the least invasive of all hip replacement procedures.”

Elvis Grandic MD, Boynton Beach, Florida

“The SuperPath® hip replacement is very stable and allows my patients to go home sooner. They experience less pain and return to their normal activities much sooner than any traditional hip approach.”

- Daniel Le MD, Las Vegas, NV


Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

These surgeons are paid consultants for MicroPort Orthopedics. The opinions expressed are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MicroPort Orthopedics Inc.