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E-Class® Poly

E-Class® Vitamin E Blended Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Poly Material Selection

Specific polyethylene has been chosen to manufacture the acetabular liners with a high impact strength, tensile strength, and yield strength.1

Cross-Linking Process

The selected polyethylene is subjected to a radiation cycle to facilitate cross-linking of the polymers and enhance wear resistance. The mechanical properties of the material are maintained.

Vitamin E Treatment

Following irradiation, Vitamin E stabilizes any remaining free radicals and continuously prevents oxidation. The presence of Vitamin E eliminates the need for remelting, resulting in improved mechanical strength.

Machining & Final Sterilization

Liners are machined, cleaned, packaged, and sterilized, which does not reintroduce free radicals or cause any other measurable change to the polymer.

E-Class® Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Design Features

Improves wear resistance2

Undetectable free radicals3

Maintains mechanical strength3

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