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Outpatient Digital Pathways

Following patient selection, it is critical to the success of the overall episode to optimize the patient both physically and mentally for surgery. In an effort to streamline the patient engagement and education experience, and to ensure there is little to no added work to the care team in the process, outpatient care plans have been developed to educate patients and monitor their recovery remotely, while collecting valuable outcomes data.

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For patients

Following surgical scheduling, patients will create profiles and receive the following:

  • Access to their remote outpatient hip or knee care plans
  • Timely reminders and information on how to best prepare for surgery and what to expect during their recovery
  • Exercise recommendations and videos
  • Outcomes data surveys and questions that will gauge their overall mental and physical status, as well as monitor their narcotics utilization
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For care teams

  • Single dashboard with EMR integration allows for passive delivery of outpatient care plans to patients
  • Ability to monitor patient status post-operatively and potentially mitigate complications or readmissions
  • Educational guidance and exercise guidance delivered to patients exactly when needed
  • Visibility to patient discharge disposition and utilization in the post-acute
  • Remote outcomes data collection and surveys administered at specified periods of time, both pre- and post-operatively

Experienced & Innovative Partners

Orca Health

Orca Health Care Plans

Interactive Care Plan Tours

Send your patients home with an engaging and personalized Care Plan Tour, guided virtually by you. 

Prehab & Rehab Exercises

Ensure compliance by sending patients home with pre-made, gamified, Home Exercise Programs. 

PROMs & Patient Satisfaction Surveys

The Care Plan Survey experience is a proven game changer; the average Orca Provider sees a 40% survey completion rate. 


Docspera Data Solutions

Physicians, surgeons and care teams now have the ability to coordinate care across all key stakeholders through a secure single interface pre and post-treatment/surgery.

Integrated Scheduler 

Real-time access to schedule and fully interoperable with EMR/PACS.

Episode of Care 

Value-based care solution to monitor patients and predict risk to manage outcome in one place.

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Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.