ASC Productivity Solutions

MicroPort’s product strategy for outpatient centers builds on this focus for patient satisfaction with solutions and pricing strategies that aim to increase efficiencies and lower overall costs.

• Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee System
• Prophecy® Pre-Operative Navigation
• Fast recovery hip approaches
• Kinematic alignment instrumentation
• Preoperating planning
• Case management support
• ASC pricing strategy

Evolution Knee

Evolution® medial-pivot knee system

Over 20 years of clinical experience with its first to market Medial-Pivot design that was built on the latest kinematic evidence of the natural stability and motion of the knee.1,2,3 The unique design of the Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System, MicroPort's latest generation Medial-Pivot knee, aims to restore function by replicating natural motion and AP stability and to address some of the common problems with traditional designs, such as anterior knee pain and quadriceps avoidance.

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Survivorship at 17 years



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Prophecy® pre-operative navigation guides


Deliver accurate resections for optimal function and balanced loading to the prosthesis. In the outpatient setting, the guides can be a reliable tool for driving down overall instrumentation demands and promoting more intraoperative efficiency.

• Simple instrumentation

• Improved operating room time

• Accurate results

SuperPath Hip

Fast recovery hip approaches

A growing number of experienced surgeons across the world are using muscle preserving surgical techniques to deliver faster recovery to their total hip patients. MicroPort is the only company that offers solutions to support all modern total hip approaches.


• Portal assisted tissue sparing THA approach that accesses the capsule superiorly without requiring the cutting of any muscles or tendons.



vs. 4.2% Readmission rate

get home faster


vs. 3.2 Days length of stay

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vs. 27.3% Discharged home

preop planning

Preoperative planning

Aiming to increase efficiency, improve surgical preparation, and connectivity through digital pre-operative planning designed for orthopedics.


Case Management Support

Digitized workflows customized to your unique preferences in technique, room set-up, and more.


ASC Pricing Strategy

We are committed to making pricing, purchasing, and delivery of our technology and inventory as straightforward and account specific as possible for outpatient centers.

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Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.

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